Mesin CNC Plasma & Flame Cutting Portable


Mesin CNC Plasma & Flame cutting portable , sangat praktis untuk pekerjaan proyek di lapangan karena mudah untuk dipindah tempatkan sesuai kebutuhan

Area kerja  : 150cm  x  300cm

The Portable Plasma & Flame CNC machine is very practical only requiring a 3.5 x 4 m work area


Product Features
(1) Tailored track acquires high-intensity, high-speed and high-precision features.
(2) Human-computer interface design makes the machine easy to learn and operate, and have complete functions.
(3) Equipped with functions of portable CNC cutting and can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metal plate.
(4) Enable the conversion of the CAD into the program file which can be transmitted to the main machine by USB to cut plate into any shape.
(5) With two cutting modes: Flame Cutting & Plasma Cutting.
(6) Chinese, English, French, and Portuguese are ready to use.
(7) Can automatically memorize and restore when power is off.
(8) Plasma THC ( torch height control) device function: By automatically adjust the height of the torches according to the feedback of the plate height changes, THC can keep the good effect of cutting meanwhile, protect the torch from damage and prolong the life span of the nozzles.
(9) With the status indication device.
(10) With positioning functions of protection cover, proximity switch and dual-speed.
(11) Compatibility of the domestic plasma and foreign-brand plasma.

Model Cutting Range


Supply Voltage


Cutting Torch Number

of groups

Cutting speed


MAX no-loading



Overall dimensions




ZT-1500W-2 1500*2000 AC220V-50HZ 1 50-750 3000 2.5*2.2*0.37 108
ZT-1500W-2.5 1500*2500 AC220V-50HZ 1 50-750 3000 3*2.2*0.37 121
ZT-1500W-3 1500*3000 AC220V-50HZ 1 50-750 3000 3.5*2.2*0.37 134
1500*3500 AC220V-50HZ 1 50-750 3000 4*2.2*0.37 147
ZT-1500W-4 1500*4000 AC220V-50HZ 1 50-750 3000 4.5*2.2*0.37 160
ZT-1500W-5 1500*5000 AC220V-50HZ 1 50-750 3000 5.5 *2.2*0.37 186
ZT-1500W-6 1500*6000 AC220V-50HZ 1 50-750 3000 6*2.2*0.37 212

Specification :
Type: Portable Type
Voltage: 220V
Rated Power: 14KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 3000*1300*1200 mm
Traveling speed: 5000mm/min
Control system: START Control System
Cutting mode: Plasma Cutting+ Flame Cutting
Application: Industrial Metal Cutting
Cutting material: Metal Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Aluminum
Weight: 100KG
Certification: CE
Color: Red
After-sales Service Provided: Video technical support, Online support
Key Selling Points: Easy to Operate

Applicable Industries:
Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Home Use, Retail, Advertising Company, Energy & Mining


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