Mesin CNC Router ENGRAVER 4 AXIS with Rotary ZN-1325R

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Technical parameters
Mesin CNC router  Model: ZN-1325R

Working area: 1300x2500x200mm(optional)
Spindle: 2.2/3.0/4.5/7.0KW(optional)
Table size: 1500x3000mm
Cooling way: Water cooling/air cooling
Working accuracy: 0.03mm
Repeat accuracy: 0.03mm
Transmission: Ball screw/rack
Guide rail: Square guide rail
Controller: DSP handle /Ncstudio
Support system: Win XP/7/8
Max. Traveling speed: 15m/min
Max. Working speed: 12m/min
Spindle speed: 0-24000RPM
Power supply: AC110V/220V/50-60Hz
Command: G code, *.u00, *.mmg, *.plt/HPGL/NC
Dimension: 3000*1950*1600mm
Total weight: Approx. 1100kg


Applicable material:
All kinds of Wood ,MDF , Acrylic , PVC ,Jade ,Marble , soft metal like Aluminum,

Applicable industry:
1. Wood working : Solid wave board process, door of cabinet, wooden door, artistic wooden
door, no-paint door, carved wooden screen, process of the artistic window, shoes cleaning
machine, display case, mahjong table, computer table.
2. Advertising: Advertising board, Label design, Acrylic cutting, model, of the multi material
decoration products.
3. Model industry: It can engrave on the soft metal materials such as copper, aluminum ,
etc and non-mental materials such as man-made marble, sand, plastic board PVC
materials, wood board etc.
4. Other field: It can engrave many image, embossment, and widely used in artistic



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